Aphrophoridae, Cercopoidea

Froghopper found on willows in England, south Wales and parts of Ireland. 

Distribution records as at May 2019

Distinguishing features

Aphrophora salicina is a large froghopper with a longish body shape, often slightly broader than Aphrophora pectoralis. Adults are 8 - 10mm long and can typically be seen between May and November,


As is typical with froghoppers, they have two stout spines on the outer edge of the hind tibia, as well as several smaller spines at the tip.

The Aphrophora genus can be recognised by the keel running down the midline of the head and pronotum, and the particular species by the colour pattern. 


The forewings of Aphrophora salicina are uniformly green-brown with black puncturation, but it can be similar to Aphrophora pectoralis. Some specimens appear intermediate and may require dissection for conclusive identification.

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