Cicadellidae, Cicadoidea

Leafhopper introduced to Europe from the USA in the 1900s, now found in the UK with records from southern England and the Midlands.

Also known as the Rhododendron  Leafhopper.

Both adults and nymphs feed on Rhododendron sap; it is one of the few insects to use this shrub as a foodplant.

Distribution records as at May 2019

Distinguishing features

Graphocephala fennahi is a large and striking leafhopper. Adults are 8 - 10mm and can be typically seen between July and November.


As is typical with leafhoppers, the hind tibia has one to three rows of spines running along the entire length:

Also known in the USA as the Scarlet-and-Green Leafhopper, Graphocephala fennahi has very distinctive green and red colouration.

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