Aphrophoridae, Cercopoidea

Froghopper found in grassy places in southern parts of the UK, as far north as Yorkshire.

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Distribution records as at May 2019

Distinguishing features

Neophilaenus campestris a grassland froghopper species. Adults are 5 - 6mm long and can be seen between June and September.


As is typical with froghoppers, they have two stout spines on the outer edge of the hind tibia, as well as several smaller spines at the tip.

Neophilaenus species can be distinguished as adults from Philaenus spumarius by the more parallel outer edges of the wings when viewed from above (as opposed to the more convex outline of P. spumarius) and their overall pattern of markings. They are much smaller than Aphrophora species
Neophilaenus campestris is relatively easily identified by the two pale areas on the outer edge of the wings on an otherwise pale brownish background. There is often a slightly  darker mid-line running back from the head. 

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