Cicadellidae, Cicadoidea

Leafhopper with widespread UK distribution.

Widespread and common in damp grassland and marshy areas throughout the UK. 

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Distribution records as at May 2019

Distinguishing features

Cicadella viridis is a large and eye-catching species. Adults are 6 - 8mm long with a more compact body shape than Cicadella lasiocarpae, and can typically be seen between July and October.


As is typical with leafhoppers, the hind tibia has one to three rows of spines running along the entire length:

The forewings of females are bright turquoise green, but those of the male are much darker blue-purple and may even be blackish, although the green coloration is retained on the pronotum. The background colour of the head and face is yellow, overlain with varying amounts of black markings.

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