Cicadellidae, Cicadoidea

Leafhopper found in grassy places and wayside vegetation, often in shady habitats including forests and woodland edges. Reasonably widespread in southern Britain (northwards to at least Yorkshire), but rarely abundant. 

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Distribution records as at May 2019

Distinguishing features

Evacanthus acuminatus is a distinctive leafhopper. Males are brachypterous, having very obviously shortened wings (shorter than the body). Adults are 5 - 7mm long and can typically be seen between June and September.


As is typical with leafhoppers, the hind tibia has one to three rows of spines running along the entire length:

Evacanthus acuminatus has a keel on the vertex i.e. a raised ridge running through the midline of the upper part of the 'forehead', and a variably-shaped dark central marking on a pale background. The forewings are greyish or dirty yellow with dark brown patches. 

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